Monday, January 28, 2008

Need FlowJo Help?

The Flow Facility has expert knowledge in data analysis using FlowJo. You may have some specific questions on how to do something using the software, but you also may want help creating a workflow that is streamlined and efficient. This is exactly where a bit of knowledgeable help can really save you time. Many times people will continue to do repetitive tasks without realizing there is a way to automate things. For instance, even when doing a simple experiment a couple of times, it helps tremendously to use the template functionality inside FlowJo to help streamline the analysis process. Why not set up a time with the Flow Facility to allow us to help you streamline your analysis? We can do this kind of training one-on-one, or better yet, why not invite us to your lab meetings for a group presentation and troubleshooting session? If this sounds like something you'd be interested in taking advantage of, shoot us an email (, or give us a call at 702-9212. Fees may be charged for groups outside the University of Chicago Flow Facility User Base.
Don't have anything specific you need help on, but are interested in learning more about FlowJo? We'll give you or your lab a crash course on the basics of FlowJo. Otherwise, browse out our FlowCast archives for tips and tricks using FlowJo

Monday, January 14, 2008

The PCR Song...Hilarious

Since a lot of you folks use cell sorting for subsequent PCR analysis, I thought you might appreciate this song on YouTube. My Favorite parts are when the guy kisses and hugs the PCR machine, and the line "PCR, for when you need to know who the daddy is." Very witty, and very funny. Enjoy!