Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1-on-1 FlowJo Training Slots

We will have a FlowJo specialist from Treestar out on 1/14/10 and 1/15/10 to assist any FlowJo users with problems/questions regarding flow cytometry analysis. We have set up a resource on the Flow Facility's online instrument scheduler called FlowJo Training. The resource can be found under the Training Courses calendar. A read-only version of the calendar can be found here, but to reserve your slot, you'll need to log in with your username/password. This is a great opportunity for both new users of the software who may need a little personalized help getting started as well as seasoned veterans looking to delve deeper into the vast capabilities of FlowJo. You may reserve the 30 minutes slots (1 hour max) anytime up until 1/14/10. The actual training will take place in the facility's Data Analysis room in Kovler Room 038. Please include in the summary field of the reservation form a description of what you would like help with, so that the trainer can be prepared (e.g. compensation, batch processing). Also, include which version of FlowJo you are currently using (Mac 8.8.6, Windows 7.5, etc...)