Friday, July 16, 2010

Got Sand?

Or should I say, do you need sand, because I have some, well, a bunch of sand in my office!  It has sort of turned into a UCFlow tradition now, but the office pranksters have done it again.  I'm not sure why I was surprised since this happens pretty much every July to me, but I have to admit... they got me good this time.  If you have no clue what I'm talking about let me explain.  Every time I leave the lab for an extended period of time (vacation, meetings, etc...) I come back to find my office 'decorated' with the latest musings of lead prankster, David Leclerc.  Now, these aren't just, "let's put a whoopee cushion on his chair" types of pranks, these take coordination and time, lots of time (I'm sure it all takes place after 5PM ; ).
In prior years, I've come back to find my office wallpapered with post-its, which sounds sort of crazy, but add to that, the fact that every single post-it had a little nonsensical note written on it.  Next was balloons.  My office was filled to about waist height with balloons - luckily they were filled with air, and not water or other types of noxiousness. The next year was aluminum foil.  My office and everything in it was wrapped in foil.  This was pretty extreme in that even the few pennies I had sitting on my shelf were individually wrapped in foil.  Which brings me to this year's vandalism.  As I approached my office on Monday morning, I started to notice a bit of graininess on the floor, still puzzled, I opened my door to find a "tropical paradise."  There was about 3 inches of sand covering the entire floor, a "palm" tree, empty bottles of corona, sand toys, and even a sand sculpture of the Eiffel Tower.
So, I haven't figured out exactly how I'm going to clean this up.  Luckily they were smart enough to put a plastic tarp over my carpet, so that should help.  But, seriously, if you are putting down some patio pavers this summer and need some sand, let me know!