Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ISAC Wrap-up Part 2

Along the same vein as the previous post, the Education committee presented an outline of their plans to bring flow cytometry education to the general scientific public. In an attempt to standardize the information being presented to users of flow cytometry, the Education committee has decided to generate a basic flow cytometry course aimed at flow novices. The course would initially be offered as a tutorial tacked on to the front end of other disciplines' meetings, who have used flow cytometry in the past. From there, plans to make it available as an online course administered through ISAC were discussed. Lastly, it was proposed that this course become the template for training used by core facility directors in training their user base. The Education committee still seems to be developing these ideas and reworking their strategies, so it may be awhile yet until we see anything concrete. Don't know yet if there will be an official "accreditation" process for this type of course, but if and when it's possible, we'll be sure to take a good look at the material to see how we can integrate it into our educational process.