Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flowcast? What's a Flowcast?

Flowcast is a derivation of the now popular term, screencast, which in and of itself is a derivation of the term broadcast. Now, although there really isn't any "broadcasting" of the screen in a screencast, the term simply refers to a tutorial or guide that uses a screen capturing program so you can see exactly what's going on and follow along easily. These screencasts are then broadcast on the internet for all to see. These types of tutorials work (for most) much better than simply reading through a protocol or document of directions. Flowcasts, therefore, are screencasts relating specifically to flow cytometry. To this avail, the flow cytometry facility has begun producing short (<10 minute) tutorials on whatever strikes us at the moment. We envision having mostly tutorials on how to do certain tasks in FlowJo and FACSDiVa, because that's what we mostly work with, and that's what most of the questions that are asked of us deal with. You'll see in the right hand quick links bar of our homepage ( a link for Flowcast. Check it out and let us know what you think. We would also like to encourage anyone who has an idea or trick that they like to use, let us know, and we'll make a flowcast out of it. The easiest way to contact us is at the following email address: