Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Here!!! LSRII-Blue

Well, the LSRII was delivered yesterday (3/25/08) and should be installed sometime this week. Once we get everything set up, we'll make it available for use. To differentiate between the 2 LSRIIs, we've decided to call them by their characteristic stripes, Blue and Orange. Our current LSRII is actually THE prototype LSRII created in-house at BD by Larry Ducket back in ~1999. The LSRI had an orange stripe, and the prototype was simply gutted and rebuilt inside to an LSRII. So, our LSRII is one of the only LSRIIs that has an orange stripe on it. It is therefore fitting to call our current LSRII, LSRII-Orange (or simply Orange), and our new LSRII, LSRII-Blue (or simply Blue). So, if you have a question about our LSRIIs just make sure you specify Orange or Blue!