Tuesday, September 23, 2008

eBiosciences New Fluorochrome Options = Repackaged Qdots

eBiosciences (www.ebioscience.com) launched a new set of fluorochrome options for their antibody line. They're calling these fluorochromes, eFluor(TM), and they'll be directly coupled to select antibodies immediately. If you're familiar with the Qdot technology currently offered by Invitrogen (www.invitrogen.com), then you're already familiar with eFluor; A nanocrystal core of Cadmium, Zinc, and Selenium with a biologically active coating to allow antibodies/proteins to stick to it. Even though this is simply a repackaging of an already established technology, it will be a great addition to flow cytometry and imaging cytometry. The ability to combine eBioscience's great line of antibodies with the Qdot technology will make using these things more of a reality. Invitrogen has had a pretty limited stock of directly conjugated antibodies, and hopefully eBioscience can expedite this process. The main advantage of these fluors is the ability to use multiple nanocrystals together using a single 405nm or 355nm laser without a ton of compensation. The emission spectra of these nanocrystals are so tight that it allows you to pack them close together without overlap. Also, by putting some of your antibodies in the UV or Violet channels, it frees up your visible laser channels for other, sometimes more important antibodies. To find out more about eFluor, as well as look at what's available so far, click on over to http://www.ebioscience.com/ebioscience/efluornanocrystals.asp for more information.

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