Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flow Basics is Back! and slimmer than ever!

That's right folks, by popular demand, we're reintroducing a legend, Flow Basics. But, Wow Flow Basics, have you been working out? I mean, you're about half the size as the last time I saw you. You've gotta be down to, what, like 5MB or something? Not only is Flow Basics back, but it's leaner and meaner than ever, well, not really meaner, but definitely leaner. We've trimmed a bunch of the slides while still focussing on the most important aspects of basic flow cytometry theory and instrument usage. We will once again be making this a mandatory requirement for new flow cytometer trainees, but anyone who did not attend the original flow basics, will want to attend one of these training sessions. To make this process easier, we will be offering the course more frequently especially in the next coming months. Once the initial rush is over, we will over the course every other week as new users are being trained. We're also putting the course schedule on the facility's Online Instrument Scheduler, so now, you'll know exactly when the next class will be offered, as well as have an opportunity to sign up whenever is convenient for you. Although the Online Scheduler offers convenience and flexibility, the sign-up process has a few steps to it that may make it somewhat challenging the 1st time you attempt. So, we also made a little video demonstration on how to sign-up for training. We've embedded the video here for you to watch. Classes start 12/10/08, so check the online scheduler for more dates and to sign up.