Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Luminex Vendors Wooing New Customers

Is it just me, or have you been inundated with vendors trying to get you to use their bead-based assay kits. The two big wigs in this field are BioRad and Millipore (listed alphabetically as to not show any preferential treatment on my part) and they really want your business. As you may know, the Flow Cytometry Facility has a BioPlex machine in the Kovler Facility which gets moderate use on a relatively regular basis. I've met with both companies' sales force and they are very interested in hosting some seminars to show their products' worth. Being an equal opportunity obliger, I agreed and so we will be hosting 2 seminars regarding multiplex analyte kits. The first one will be from BioRad on February 26th at noon from 10:30 to 11:30 in Cummings Room 119. It will focus mostly on signaling protein detection from cell lysates, but I'm sure the technology in general will be discussed. This one will have food too! The second one from Millipore will be held on March 12th at 9AM also in Cummings Room 119 (go figure). The Millipore people are also bringing in some kits for you to test out some samples on the 12th and 13th, so this is a great opportunity to try something for free. If you need any information on this, send an email to ucflow'at'gmail'dot'com

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