Friday, May 15, 2009

Never orphan your data again.

Picture this, you just finished running your samples on the Canto in R409, you've exported your data to the BDExport folder, and you reach into your pocket. Dang! You forgot your USB drive. You could walk all the way back to your lab in Billings in the pouring rain, but wait, you can just email the files to yourself. So, you log into the University's webmail system compose your email to yourself, attach your zipped folder of FCS files and you click send only to get a error that the file is too big to be sent over the University's network. What to do now? Do you just chance it and hope the computer doesn't crash before you come back tomorrow with your USB drive? I know I wouldn't. There is one other thing you can do. You can use NSIT's web-based file storage and sharing service. That's right, just by being a member of the University with a CNET ID, you can put up to 50MB 1GB of data on a server share and then pull it down at your desk. Just visit and log in with your CNET and Password and voila, instant "USB Drive." Now grant it, it's not a ton of space, and it should really be 50GB, not 50MB 1GB, but, in a pinch, it may help. By the way, the powers that be can see/read whatever's on the server, so don't put any unencrypted personal information on there. Update: When I logged in, it was actually showing 1GB of space not 50MB like I had originally thought. YIPPEE!