Friday, June 12, 2009

Alexa Dye Antibody Conjugation

The Fitch Monoclonal Antibody Facility (MAF) on campus is now offering antibodies coupled to many of the Alexa dye flavors from Invitrogen. As you may know, the Alexa Dyes are small molecular weight fluorochromes capable of producing bright fluorescence and minimal photo-bleaching. These dyes are available in many wavelengths, and are named by their optimal excitation wavelength, for example Alexa 488 is optimally excited by the 488 laser, while Alexa 568 is optimally excited by a 568nm Laser. The facility is offering commonly used antibodies coupled to various Alexa dyes for purchase in small and large aliquot sizes. The coupled antibodies will be tested and titrated by the Flow Cytometry Facility as a quality assurance measure. Most recently the MAF coupled Alexa 488 to a Rat anti-Mouse CD4 antibody (clone GK1.5), the titration is shown in the embedded image. For more information on which antibodies are slated to join the mix, or how you can get your homebrewed antibodies coupled to an Alexa Dye, contact the Monoclonal Facility at 702-8756, or contact the Technical Director, Carol McShan at mcs7 'at' uchicago 'dot' edu.