Friday, October 2, 2009

Pre-GLIIFCA Core Manager Meeting

Well, another successful Core Manager Meeting just wrapped up here in PIttsburgh, PA. Topics presented ranged from Core Facility management, and cost recovery, to training issues, SOPs, and writing effective SIGs. Many of the talks recapped events from the NCRR/NIH Workshop in mid July. The overall meeting was entitled "Efficiency and Quality in the Management of Core Facilities: Best Practices for Running Your Core as a Business." I can honestly say, this Core Managers' Workshop provided some of the most useful information I've seen in years. It was great to hear many other core facilities around the country (and world...since we did have one attendee from Denmark) run into the same issues we do at the University of Chicago. We got some great ideas that we'll reevaluate once we get back home and see if we can implement a few of those things