Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's GLIIFCA Time!

We're in the dog days of Summer, so that could only mean one thing... GLIIFCA 19 is right around the corner.  The Great Lakes International (because we let the Canadians join us) Imaging and Flow Cytometry Association's 19th annual meeting will be held September 24 - 26, 2010 in Detroit, MI.  This is a great meeting for users of Flow Cytometry and Imaging technologies (including the ImageStream!) that gives you a chance to see how people are using Flow in interesting and novel ways in their research.  It's also ridiculously cheap.  The registration fee is a paltry $80 AND, if you bring a poster, you'll get a $100 travel stipend.  Also, it's close enough to drive,  and the hotel rates are very reasonable as well.  So, there's really no excuse not to go.  However, if you need one more reason why you should go to GLIIFCA this year, it's because the theme for this year's Saturday night party is freaking STAR WARS!!!!   So, click on over to and register yourself today.  If you U of C folks do decide to join us, David will buy you a beer!