Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ImageStream. Installed.

It seems like years ago we were racing to put together our S-10 to purchase an ImageStream, and yet, it's only been 1 year (almost to the day!). I guess the anticipation has made the wait that much more excruciating. Well, wait no more, the ImageStream is just about installed. The engineers from Amnis arrived on Monday to uncrate and assemble the surprisingly small ImageStream. I should just clarify something right off the bat. The instrument we have is the current generation ImageStream X (not sure what the X means, maybe it stands for X-treme - remember that tag line from the MoFlo XDP...a little dramatic if you ask me). Anyway, I've become fond of the abbreviation, ISX, so that's what I'll be referring to it as. Out ISX has quite the spec sheet; 4 lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 658nm), two 6-channel CCDs (up to 10 colors, Brightfield and Darkfield), the multimag (magnification from 20X - 60X), and the EDF (extended depth of field). I'm very anxious to get my hands on it. If you'd like to see it in its pre-Ryan Duggan, pristine state, you'd better stop by and take a look at it soon, because one I'm let loose, I have a hard time leaving things alone. I'll try not to break anything for at least a few weeks. We'll be getting our training next week, and then we'll probably start opening it up to users the following week (April 5th). If you think you're ready to go with something on this instrument right away, please contact me and I'll get you on the list ahead of posting the instrument on the scheduler. If you have no idea what the ISX is, check it out here.

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