Monday, April 12, 2010

Easy FTP data Transfer

You will now see an icon on the desktop of each "windows-running" computer that says "Upload data to FTP Server." You can begin using this to transfer your data files from the acquisition computer to the Data Server. You can then log into the FTP server from your desktop computer and download the data files to your PC. Please note that the Data Server is NOT a data storage server, it is simply a means for transferring your data to your computer without having to use removable media (USB drives, CDs, etc...). You can upload your data to the server from the Macs as well, but you will not be using the Fling application. We will just map the directory on the FTP server to an alias on the desktop. Detailed instructions will be mailed to the list, if you do not receive these emails, send us an email directly or call the lab.